Human Rights Law- Lady Justice with The Scales Of Justice

Human Rights

We at Fergus A Feeney Solicitors are proud of our history of defending our Clients’ rights under the Irish Constitution and European law. It is our firm belief that the rights of those who are marginalised or find their voices diminished in any way should be aware of their human rights and have those rights upheld.

We have represented the rights of many Clients in the following areas:

  • Local housing authority
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes
  • Those seeking asylum
  • Homeless persons
  • Discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion, race, civil status, and age (we also specialise in this as part of our Employment Law services)

Should you choose to engage the services of Fergus A Feeney Solicitors, you can rest assured that we will defend your rights and seek appropriate vindication.


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